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Workplace Stress
Workplace Stress Or Work Life Balance

Concerned about Workplace Stress?
Are you working in a fast paced and demanding, environment? A workplace full of stress?

Do you sometimes feel like you're spinning your wheels working longer and harder just to stay in place?

Or wonder if you've programmed yourself for success in some areas, and not in others?

Could you really be blocking your own success?

ould workplace stress be causing you to drive with one foot on the brake? Take a quiz to find out!

1. You would like to reach your goals faster AND have more work life balance.  

2. You have the knowledge, skills and experience to achieve your goals, yet something always seems to be holding you back. 

3. Sometimes you feel like life is a roller coaster ride, you work hard and make progress, then suddenly everything goes down hill again and it's a recurring pattern in your life.  

4. You frequently feel like you are spinning your wheels - working longer and harder - just to stay in place.

5. You are constantly juggling urgent demands for your time with non-urgent but
strategically important tasks and finding it hard to focus on either. 

6. There are habits or behaviours you suspect may be getting in the  way of achieving your goals. 

7. Some of your beliefs about yourself are empowering while others hold you back. And you are beginning to wonder if you have accidentally programmed yourself for success in some contexts, and not in others. 

8. Your life would improve if you could clear these limitations.

Check your Results:
If you answered TRUE to three or more of the quick quiz statements, you're probably ‘driving with your foot on the brake’ or spinning your wheels, wasting time and draining your energy.

If you think this is true for you, a Performance Breakthrough Coaching session may be worth considering.

What Is Performance Breakthrough Coaching?
An intensive 5 - 7 hour one-to-one coaching process for clearing road blocks, releasing the brakes and accelerating your performance.

Performance Breakthrough Coaching
Is designed to uncover and then clear away barriers preventing you from being at your best. Road blocks like conflicting priorities, competing values, limiting beliefs and all the baggage carried over from past events.

It's about regaining personal control, and transforming frustration into power and balance.
It's about your being energized and focused on what really matters!

Use Performance Breakthrough Coaching in any area of your life where you want to break through previous levels of performance, move forward at a faster pace, get a fresh start or clear stress and burnout.

What Results Can You Expect?
Professionals and entrepreneurs who experience the 'Breakthrough' process feel a tremendous boost of energy and forward momentum that actually increases over time.

  • Productivity (and sales) increase.
  • Stress becomes challenge and stimulates creativity.
  • Business and personal relationships improve and most people begin to notice improvements in all areas of their life.

For more information on Performance Breakthrough Coaching

Quick Stress Busters you can even share with your kids
Use them on a regular basis and you’ll also be rewarded with a flood of creative ideas.  It’s like taking a vitamin pill for your mind. 

First a quick Brain Gym™ trick: 
Ideal for those days when it feels like your office has a revolving door … with one person after another … the phone is constantly ringing (which is probably a good thing) and you have so many thoughts flying around inside your mind feels like the world’s busiest airport at 8:30 on a Monday morning!

Cooks Hook Up is a two minute technique guaranteed to relax and refresh your mind, lower your heart rate and allow ideas to land where you need them. Here’s how:

  1. Cross your ankles.
  2. Stretch your arms straight out in front at shoulder height, with the backs of your hands touching.
  3. Look down and notice which ankle is on top.
  4. Now stack your hands with the matching hand on top (if the right ankle is on top the right hand goes on top.  If the left ankle is on top the left hand goes on top.)
  5. Slide the top hand down and interlock your fingers (I know it is counter intuitive but stay with me.)
  6. Bend your forearms in toward your chest (elbows down) and relax your shoulders.
  7. Check that you are now sitting, ankles crossed, hands interlocked and resting against your chest.
  8. Finally take a deep breath and simply hang out.

After a minute or two, you’ll notice your breathing is shifting lower in your chest, slower and deeper. Two minutes will calm your mind. Clear away the competing facts flying around in there. Let yourself relax and feel the stress drain away. And when you’re done, you'll be able to focus again on what is really important to you.

For more of these powerful mind body tips I'd recommend the book Brain Gym™ For Business, Instant Brain Boosters for On-the-Job Success by Dr. Paul Dennison.

Second tip:
Take a visit to the Magic Eye
pictures, links below. Relax your eyes and go into peripheral vision, look through the image and discover what pops out for you. Using Cook’s Hook Up first will assist you to relax and go into peripheral vision and maintain the relaxed state as you look into and through the pictures.  A fun way to refresh! Many benefits.  Share with children.

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