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NLP Business Resources: Influencing
For Managers, Sales & Marketing Teams,  Consultants, Coaches and Trainers 
Influencing Minds Mastering Motives
Influencing Minds Mastering Motives is designed for anyone who would like to accelerate their performance by mastering the power to influence and motivate.

For experienced sales people,
Influencing Minds Mastering Motives is an advanced workshop they can use to distinguish themselves from the competition and create a compelling desire for their products.

For managers and teams facing new challenges and aggressive performance targets, Influencing Minds Mastering Motives offers a critical edge — a way to increase productivity, cooperation and collaboration. 

And anyone marketing products and ideas, will find 
Influencing Minds Mastering Motives provides the tools to take advantage of new research in consumer behaviour, psychology and linguistics.
How much can you expect from this program?
That really depends on where you're starting from. Here's a quick quiz to help you decide.  
Test your sales and marketing IQ
1. Product knowledge’ is the single most important
    asset for sales ...  so train, train, train.
    Truth or Myth?
2. The top producing sales people are the ones who
    have the best - closest, longest - relationships
    with their customers.
    Truth or Myth?
3. If you have a superior ‛features and benefits story’
    and still lose the business to a competitor, they
    must offer (any or all of the following) better
    prices, terms or value added package.
    Truth or Myth?
4. You already know what your customers want
    because they tell you. (Or your organization uses
    focus groups or surveys.)
    Truth or Myth?
5. You know all you need to know about customer
    Truth or Myth?
Score yourself:
Based on recent insights from science questions 1 to 3 are definitely myths. Questions 4 and 5 are almost always myths — unless
you've identified motivational strategies and emotional needs.
What can you expect — the big picture?
While this workshop doesn't promise to solve all your sales and communications challenges, Influencing Minds Mastering Motives will give you the skills and an  efficient process to identify:
  • What customers really want and even more important,
  • Why they want it - the hidden needs they're trying to satisfy and 
  • What it will take to influence their (buying) decisions.

Vital intelligence! Whether you're selling products to customers, or ideas to your staff and colleagues.

What you'll learn
In Influencing Minds Mastering Motives you'll learn to:
  • Discover each customer's hidden needs and secret motivators - the deal makers or deal breakers - through values.
  • Use five critical questions to create a mental map of each customer's buying strategy for your product.

    How they process information, what they notice and what they'll edit out - a map you can use to lead them comfortably and successfully through the sales process.

    These questions will give you powerful insights into why people respond so differently from one instance to the next, as well as one person from another. 
  • Connect your features and benefits story’ to the customer's needs in a way that give each customer a compelling and positive sense of the impact your product will have. And a powerful reason to buy.
  • Draw out the high quality information customers only share when there is a deep level of trust.
  • Test information for accuracy as you gather it.  Non-verbal clues’ - voice tonality, facial expressions, physiology and process words -  often reveal more than your customers can, or will tell you.

    With practice, you'll begin to notice how others are perceiving your communication from moment-to-moment.  When they're with you, and when they're not. 
  • Adjust your own non-verbal clues’ to neutralize objections and lead customers back-on-track, quickly and comfortably. To deepen trust and manage the emotional tone of the conversation.
Long Term Benefits
Two to three months after attending Influencing Minds Mastering Motives participants report:
  • Sales improve — double digit increases for most people.
  • Productivity goes up (it's easy to do more when your effort gets results.)
  • Relationships improve across the board — with customers, co-workers and family and friends.
  • Stress levels go down.
  • Team members gain new insights into why others behave the way they do.

    Tolerance, collaboration and cooperation increases as members begin to appreciate and value their differences. And the program has a powerful impact on morale.

If your success depends on influencing and selling ideas, understanding why people buy and how to win their loyalty, is skill you can take to the bank!

Influencing Minds Mastering Motives can be customized for groups. When possible, deliver the program over a series of half day sessions. 

This allows participants to integrate new skills at a comfortable pace — and resist falling back into the comfort of old habits. 

If the training is given in a condensed time frame, plan for review sessions and coaching to sustain the new skills while participants are out of their comfort zone.
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