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Accelerated Learning

Activating All Your Resources

  • Are you studying for an exam?
  • Preparing to give a presentation?
  • Working on an important report?

Whatever your project, take time to engage all your mental resources before you begin each work session. Anywhere you'd like to accelerate your learning.

The secret to accelerated learning is understanding that your brain is easily bored and likely to wander off if you assign it unimportant activities!

You know this is true!  And you're probably reminded of it at least once a day . . .

  • At the meeting that stretches over hours, dwelling on small and insignificant issues.
  • Trying politely to listen to a speaker presenting yesterday’s news.
  • When you're at the end of a complicated project—adding the final touches essential to success—but rather boring.

Have you ever let yourself get tripped up by the easy stuff like this? Or has your mind ever gone on a little R&R and forgotten to come back and finish an important task?

With these or your own examples . . .

  • Where does your mind go?1
  • What level of awareness are you functioning at?1
  • What if you miss an important piece of information?
  • And Most important, how can you maintain focus in these types of situations?
    Emotional Involvement!

The Secret to Engaging All Your Resources?
Emotions are the key to engaging your resources and maintaining focus! Emotions influence our ability to concentrate and learn. Emotional arousal releases a chemical cocktail—nor epinephrine, adrenaline, enkephalin vasopressin and a spritz of memory fixatives that tell the brain
this is important! Pay attention! Keep this!

To get your emotional brain involved at the beginning of every task, ask yourself questions like:

  • Why does this matter to me?
  • What is the end result of this process and why is that important?
  • How can I use an idea from this experience?
    When and where can I use it?
  • What significance can I find in this for me, personally?

There is something to learn from every experience, even if it’s simply that we will do things differently the next time.

Be curious.  Curiosity is irresistible to the brain! Engage it and you’ll be surprised at how quickly time passes, how much you learn and accomplish! Watch for next month's tips and insights on Accelerated Learning.




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