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Welcome To NLP Business Resources!

Looking for NLP techniques or ideas you can use in a business setting?

Wondering what this thing called NLP is all about?  Check out the link to ‘What is NLP?’

Looking for ways to make learning easy when studying new material Wander over to the ‛Accelerate Learning’ pages. 

Like some ideas you can use to assist others in activating their inner resources?  See ‛Coaching Tips’ for a few suggestions. Want to be more influential? Check out the ‛Word Power’ pages.

Are you a Master Practitioner? Interested in Meta Program resources and guides? Head on over to:  Meta Program Resources

Using NLP In A Business Setting
The purpose of the site is to share practical information, tips and techniques for people who use NLP at work, or who would like more information about the practical applications for NLP in business.


Look for ideas, quizzes, language patterns and examples of when and how you can use NLP  ‘change techniquesto be more effective in a business setting. For example, which change techniqueis terrific for dealing with time management issues. (Watch for a future posting.)

So what is NLP . . . really?
NLP is a powerful, practical model for ....

  • communicating effectively,
  • changing behaviour and
  • delivering performance results.

Whether your goal is to improve communications and working relationships, coach others to new levels of efficiency or develop better strategies for achieving goals and outcomes, NLP delivers! Especially for business.

NLP offers amazing tools, techniques and applications for anyone working in a high pressure, demanding environment. And today that description probably fits all too well for most people. So if you're looking for ideas, check out the site and look for new articles occurring on a semi-regular basis.

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